Salinas Valley Leadership Group
Monterey Bay PTAC
TPO, the HR Experts
Captain Avner Even-Zohar, “Captain Happiness”
Passion Fire Music

Elizabeth Winchester, Carmel Artist
The Jade Shack (Randy Will), Carmel Valley Artisan

Political Frameworks / Plasha Will
Fernando Armenta, Monterey County 1st District Supervisor
Dave Potter, Monterey County 5th District Supervisor
Monterey County Democratic Central Committee
Monterey Bay Central Labor Council
Bill Kampe, Mayor of Pacific Grove
Ralph Rubio, Mayor of Seaside
Ian Oglesby, Seaside City Council
Brenda Lewis, Seaside District 1 Water Board
Elia Gonzalez-Castro, Hartnell College Board
Eric Hammer for Santa Cruz County Supervisor District 5
Felicia Perez-Kausin for Hartnell College Board
Manuel Osorio for Hartnell College Board
Johnny Grey for Hartnell College Board
Fernando Elizondo for Salinas Union High School District 7
Committee to Oppose Measure I and Save Mission Trail Park
Carmel Valley Forum

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